Scar Revision

Scar Revision is the process by which the appearance of scar is made dull. A scar on the face or neck can mar a person’s look. Many people incur scars due to accidents and this changes their life forever. They lose their self-confidence and avoid social gatherings. It impacts their personal as well as professional life negatively. This can lead to loneliness and depression. Scar Revision treatment is the answer to their problem. This is an intricate surgical procedure that helps in diminishing the scar and in some cases removing it completely to restore your beautiful look.

Mayo Clinic has a team of qualified and experienced surgeons who are well-versed with the procedure of scar revision. We have successfully treated numerous patients with scars. The methodology of carrying out the procedure and the use of products and equipments varies slightly based on the intensity, location and size of the scar. The comfort of the patients is taken care of while conducting Scar Revision procedure. Local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation is given to patients undergoing this procedure to carry out the treatment smoothly.

The improvement of the affected area is based on many factors. At times, the scar revision procedure is completed in a single technique and single session. However, some cases may require a combination of Scar Revision procedures to improve the skin condition. These may require multiple sessions. The experts at Mayo Clinic examine the severity of the scar to analyse how long it would take to heal the scar and the kind of Scar Revision procedure the patient may be required to undergo. They give an idea about the same to the patients in order to help them take a better decision regarding whether or not they should go through it. Mayo Clinic has handled several Scar Revision cases successfully. Our clients are more than satisfied with the experience.

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