PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a popular therapy carried out to promote hair growth. It makes use of platelets that are known for enhancing the hair follicle function. Under this treatment, a concentration of plasma rich in platelets is extracted from the patient’s body. This concentration is then injected into his scalp. The insertion of platelet rich blood in this area promotes hair growth. PRP therapy is suggested for those who are not completely bald. Those with low density hair can go for it to make their hair dense.

The procedure is complex and requires thorough knowledge and expertise for successful results. Mayo Clinic has a team of expert surgeons who are skilled in conducting PRP therapy . They understand the importance of examining the patients before beginning with the therapy. This is because this therapy is not suitable for everyone. It is not recommended for those who smoke or drink heavily or take drugs. Those suffering from health problems such as metabolic disorders, liver problem, skin disease and other serious and chronic illnesses are also not eligible for this therapy.

Our team does the required examination of the patients and also procure health and fitness certificate from them before recommending PRP therapy . Once this step is done with, we proceed by providing complete information about the therapy to the patients. This includes the things that need to be taken care of post the therapy as well as its long term and short term effects. This gives a clear picture about the therapy and helps them decide whether they should go for it or not.

Our surgeons make sure that the therapy is conducted smoothly in a clean and hygienic atmosphere and with the use of sterile equipments. A number of patients have undergone PRP therapy at our clinic and are happy with the results.

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