Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to enhance looks. It is carried out for different purposes. The use of ingredients, intensity and method of carrying out the therapy is based on the purpose behind undergoing the same. Some of the purposes this therapy serves include managing excess weight, body contouring, face uplifting, replenishing hair loss, skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. Mesotherapy involves the use of different kinds of medicines, vitamins, plant extracts and other nutrition rich items. These are injected in the mesoderm which is the fat layer underneath the skin. These ingredients work wonder when injected in the mesoderm and their effect is seen in the desired area.

Mayo Clinic has hand-picked some of the best professionals in the industry when it comes to Mesotherapy. We are not here to entice clients and make easy money. We believe in providing high quality services to our clients. We value your hard earned money and make sure you get good value for it. This is the reason why we just don't jump to the therapy as you visit us. Our team of experts listens patiently to your requirement and suggests a therapy accordingly. You are given complete information about the different therapies suitable for you and we help you drill down to one.

Complete information about Mesotherapyis provided to the patients before beginning with the therapy. The therapy can be completed in a few short sessions spread across a few weeks or months. We carry out the treatment under hygienic conditions. We make use of high grade and sterile equipments to provide quality services to our clients. We have successfully provided Mesotherapy to many of our clients. We thank you for having faith in us and choosing our services. We are always here to serve you and help you regain your beautiful looks and confidence.

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