Maxillofacial surgery

People are growing conscious about their looks these days. Everyone wants to look beautiful as it makes us feel good and boasts our confidence and self esteem. This has a positive impact on our overall personality and the life we lead.

Maxillofacial Surgery has especially been designed to resurrect a person’s face, neck, jaws and head. This surgical procedure is not only popular for enhancing the appearance by restructuring or reshaping the mentioned body parts but is also known to treat certain illnesses and heal defects caused due to injuries. At times a single Maxillofacial Surgical procedure can help in resolving two issues. This is to say that it can heal physical defect and enhance the appearance of the patient at the same time.

This is an intricate procedure and requires complete knowledge about the soft tissue as well as the hard tissue of the maxillofacial area. Many people opt for Cosmetic Maxillofacial Surgery for the correction of birth defects on face, neck, skull or jaws others go for it to resurrect damage caused to these places due to some injury while yet others choose this surgery just to enhance their look by reshaping and redefining these parts.

The procedure followed to perform Maxillofacial Surgery varies to some extent based on the body part that needs to be worked on as well as the severity of the defect or injury. The medication involved as well as the pre and post treatment care also differs based on the same. The time involved and the number of sittings required also depends on the kind of issue being addressed.

Mayo Clinic has a team of highly qualified surgeons with relevant degree and experience in performing Maxillofacial Surgery . Before starting with the procedure, our surgeons ensure that the patient is physically fit to undergo the same. The patient’s medical history is studied extensively and a thorough check up is also done to determine whether or not he should opt for this complex procedure.

The patients are then provided detailed information about the way Maxillofacial Surgery would be performed. They are also given an idea about the changes they can expect in their looks. Besides, the time involved in the healing process and the kind of care and medication required post the treatment is also discussed in detail with the patients. This information is of utmost importance for the patients as it helps them decide whether they should choose this surgical procedure or not.

Mayo Clinic is well equipped with the latest medical facilities and equipments. The safety and comfort of our patients is of prime importance to us. We make use of top quality medicines and high end medical equipments. Proper hygiene is maintained all through the surgical procedure to avoid any kind of infection. All the cases are handled with extreme caution to ensure the desired results.

Mayo Clinic has successfully handled several cases of Maxillofacial Surgery . We take pride in enhancing the appearance of several of our clients. We believe in providing best in class service to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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