Facelift Procedure

We offer several different options when it comes to anti-aging and corrective treatments, and we go the extra mile to ensure that you get what is right for you. From wrinkles to acne scars, we have the solutions.

Aging of the face is inevitable. Over the years, we are subjected to sun, environmental pollutions, and stresses of daily life and natural loss of elasticity. The result is skin that is less firm and less able to renew itself.

The skin of the face and neck gradually loosen and drift downward. The jaw line softens, jowls begin to form, and the “double chin” (along with vertical folds) begins to appear on the neck.

Fortunately, we have some safe and innovative ways to help reverse the signs of facial and neck aging. Face lift surgery in Dr. Jangpreet Singh can mitigate the harsh aging process and grant an attractive, fresh look, even as the years pass.

Facelift Surgery

A double-board certified surgeon specializing in facial surgery, Dr. Jangpreet Singh offers different types of facelift procedures to suit each patient’s needs.

Facelift surgery is probably the best known cosmetics facial procedure and is the absolute gold standard for lower face and neck rejuvenation.Although there are many new technologies that supposedly address skin and neck tightening, none of these can come to the improvement and longevity of traditional Facelift surgery.

Others elect to have a midface lift or brow lift. Mini facelifts, such as the “S-lift” which targets the mid-face, with less expense and less invasion compared to a full facelift, and the “J-lift” which addresses the lower face and neck, are also very popular techniques. These are all customized by a surgeon whose entire practice is devoted to the face.

Facelifts and necklifts are also often performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures, such asblepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty, and chin liposuction. Additional facial cosmetic surgery procedures can enhance overall rejuvenation results when performed in combination with a facelift or necklift. Dr. Jangpreet Singh communicates closely with each patient to customize a complete treatment plan that will best address individual concerns.

The Face Lift Procedure

Most patients that present to discuss Facelift surgery are apprehensive because the word “facelift” is scary. A generation ago, a facelift was much harder, too much longer to recover, required general anesthesia and was more expensive.

Patients are also nervous about the incisions and the final result. These concerns are understandable and it is easy to put their minds at ease regarding the common misconceptions regarding facelift surgery. First of all, as mentioned earlier, facelift surgery is much simpler that it was a generation ago. As for the anesthesia, patients are relieved to know that their facelifts can be performed with light IV anesthesia. Finally, the incisions are truly hidden and rarely problematic. Dr.Jangpreet Singh goes to great lengths to use the smallest incision techniques available and to make incisions that will be hidden and look natural. There is never a need to shave any hair as some patients fear. As for the “result”, today’s facelifts are much more natural when performed by surgeons that truly understand the face. For almost 30 years, Dr. Jangpreet Singh has limited his practice to surgery of the head and neck and has always been a “student” of the face. He understands that contemporary Facelift surgery involves not only tightening, but also restoring youthful volume. It is easy to make a patient look tighter, but with modern techniques such as facial implants, fat transfer and filler injection, they can look younger and not just tighter.

Face Lift: Making a Decision

Skin type, ethnicity, individual healing, bone structure and desired expectations are all factors considered in planning the ideal facelift surgery.

The decision to proceed with facelift or necklift surgery requires planning, however. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Jangpreet Singh offers a comprehensive, confidential consultation to those who are considering a facelift or necklift.

These consultations provide patients with education, individualized procedure recommendations in line with personal medical history, as well as computer imaging to communicate results visually. Consultation also provides assistance with the financial investment of the facelift surgery.

Our intricate knowledge when it comes to dealing with facial aging issues ensures that you will get the highest quality treatment possible.

Please contact us to discuss your consultation and establish a procedure plan that exactly addresses your individual needs. Call today to schedule an appointment – and begin to age on your own terms.

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