Blepharoplasty/Eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty , also known as Eyelid Correction Surgery, is carried out to correct the disfiguration and defects of the eyelids. This is done for improving the function of the eyelids as well as for enhancing the appearance of a person. By way of this procedure the drooping skin and fat pads near the eyelids are removed. The muscles are tightened and other corrections are done to get the desired result. The procedure varies to some extent based on whether it is being done for functional purpose or cosmetic purpose.

This is a complex procedure. Eyelid is a sensitive area and one needs to deal with it with extreme precision. The team of expert plastic surgeons at Mayo Clinic has undergone rigorous training to conduct Blepharoplasty . They have complete knowledge about the step by step procedure to be followed for carrying out this treatment successfully. They are also aware about the post treatment medication and take complete care of their patients after the treatment. They also provide the patients with complete information about the dos and don’ts to be followed after post Eyelid Surgery.

Not everyone is fit to undergo Blepharoplasty . The surgeons at Mayo Clinic assess the patients and make sure they are fit for this intricate treatment before carrying out the procedures. We also acquaint the patients with the after effects of the treatment. We believe in keeping transparency as we value our customers.

As a part of this procedure, the surgeons at Mayo Clinic give local anaesthesia on the eyelid. Incisions are first given on the upper eye lid. Then the excess fat is removed from the area. Incisions are then closed with stitches. The same is repeated for the lower eye lid. The entire treatment takes around two hours.

Mayo Clinic’s panel of surgeons has handled numerous cases of Blepharoplasty successfully. Our clients are more than satisfied with our services.

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