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You may have several aesthetic goals when you approach a clinic for some cosmetic treatments and we can be the ideal choice for you. We claim to be the best because of our confidence that we have an excellent level of expertise to treat our patients. We have every solution in our bag when you come to us with cosmetic issues. Our clinic is led by Dr. Jangpreet Singh Multani and he has built a superior team of cosmetic experts to maintain the professional level of the quality we provide. Moreover, our staff is optimally trained to serve the patients in a homely environment. Our quality treatments are the result of our years of experience and research and today, we are able to offer ultimate solutions for the common problems like signs of aging, burns, scars, hair loss, and different psychological issues that occur due to the cosmetic issues. Our clinic is a trusted center for high profile celebrities as well as common people and we treat every patient with the same enthusiasm and passion. We feel absolutely delighted and satisfied when a patient returns to his home after getting whatever he wished to have. Our clinic is preferred for many cosmetic treatments including hair loss treatment, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and laser hair removal etc. The best feature we have is our comfortable and friendly environment we maintain in the clinic. As a result, the patients have a nice time in the clinic when they watch a movie or ask some questions to the surgeon during the surgery. In brief, we believe in the service of the mankind by offering some better solution to meet the cosmetic requirements of the patients.




The Mayo clinic is running under the guidance of Dr. Jangpreet Singh Multani who have years of experience in the field of hair restoration and cosmetic surgery. He is a board-certified surgeon and has handled hundreds of the cases of cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, birth defects, injuries and burns, and other major cosmetic issues. Dr. Jaganpreet Singh has a dream to make the Mayo clinic the best place for cosmetic surgery and with his positive track record, he is going to achieve this goal in the near future.


Study Profile

  • MBBS : Gauhati medical college, Guwahati ( Assam )
  • MS : Dayanand medical college, Ludhiana ( Punjab )
  • M.Ch. : NHL medical college, Ahmedabad ( Gujarat )

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"We have a clear goal that we want to establish the clinic as a trusted and reliable brand functioning in the field of cosmetic surgery. We will feel completely satisfied when the patients will come to us without having a single doubt about the success of the surgery."


We know that people coming to our clinic wish to be beautiful and impressive and we have to help the patients achieve their goals. But the process of treatments is not so simple and we work hard day and night because we are aware of the importance of the natural look of the people. Thus, service of the society with full passion and integrity is our core philosophy.